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We Help Protect Your Family

Over a lifetime, the average person living in Ontario has the opportunity to earn a substantial amount of income.  This means that a person’s greatest asset is actually his or her ability to earn an income. Providing financially for your family enables you to enjoy the security of a home, the joy of a vacation, and the relaxation of retirement. The loss of income – from increased taxes, disability, illness or death – costs your family the lifestyle you’ve worked hard to achieve and places all of your dreams for their future at risk.

Solutions that can help protect your family include:

We Help You Save for the Future

Whether you’re saving for your child’s college tuition, planning a vacation, building a nest egg for retirement, or investing in a small business – there are many important considerations for investing. We believe that successful investing is not about market timing but rather time in the market.  We help our clients establish a solid plan to achieve their savings goals.

Solutions that can help you save for major purchases include:

We Help Protect Your Business

Owning a small business is no small challenge.  You constantly face the frustration of losing income to taxes and losing key employees to disability, retirement or worse – your competitors. Running a successful business means having the ability to respond proactively to unforeseen challenges but also having the foresight to prepare for these inevitable issues in advance.

Protecting your business assets, preparing for (or preventing) the loss of a key employee, and planning for your own future retirement (and likely transfer or sale of your business) are challenges that every small business owner faces.

Solutions that can help protect your business include:

We Help You Manage Your Retirement Income

People often focus exclusively on how to save enough money for retirement.  It is not as often that people consider all of the challenges they’ll face when actually managing their income once retired. We know that our clients could be enjoying many, many years of retirement and will need a plan for managing their savings to ensure they don’t run into problems with volatile markets, the increasing cost of living, or rising taxes. 

Solutions that can help you manage your income in retirement include:


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