What Our Clients Are Saying

“We have tremendous confidence in Angel with our finances!!”

Angel has been guiding us with our finances for a number of years now, regularly meeting with us at her office or our dining room table. With busy careers, we don’t have the time to regularly monitor the markets and we appreciate her advice and expertise in investments and life insurance.

We sleep better at night knowing Angel is there to look out for our family’s best interest for today and the future.

Scott & Debbie B. (June 2015)



“So supportive and helped us through every step of the way.”

My husband and I were reluctant to purchase Critical Illness Insurance when it was offered it to us by our financial advisor, Angel Georgijev-Lowe. We hoped we wouldn’t need it, but we recognized that illnesses are very common. My mother had just passed away from cancer and my parents had purchased Critical Illness Insurance, so I knew the benefits of having it. Before we made any decisions, Angel made sure we were fully informed. She explained exactly what it covered and the claiming process. We were surprised by the vast majority of illnesses the insurance covered.

Shortly after we purchased the insurance, I went from feeling perfectly healthy to a sudden onset of symptoms that quickly led to a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. I was in my early twenties, with a busy toddler at home and a demanding job. We were under so much stress with my health that I needed time away from work, so financial worries made things worse. Luckily, we knew we were covered by critical illness insurance. Angel was so supportive and helped us through every step of the way. She handled the entire claiming process, all we needed to do was sign. We were so relieved to have the financial support. We are so grateful for the help, support and guidance of our Financial Advisor. She has proven to not only help us manage our finances, but also help us through one of the most difficult times of our lives.

Heather M (March 16, 2011)



“Very happy to have someone like Angel taking care of her affairs.”

I’ve had the opportunity of calling on Angel’s expertise relating to life insurance. My sister was reviewing her current benefits and needed someone to look over her current coverages. I contacted Angel and she was prompt to meet with my sister and gave her worthwhile advise.

My sister called me and said that Angel was one of the nicest persons she had met, that she explained everything to her at an understandable level and that she was very happy to have someone like Angel taking care of her affairs. I plan on calling on Angel’s expertise to assist my clients with their insurance needs.

Ray R (February 16, 2011)



“Allows us to face future retirement… with complete peace of mind.”

Handing our financial/investment matters over to the extremely capable hands of the Georgijev Financial Group was one of the smartest decisions our family ever made.  Walter and his team of experts has proved to be exceptionally competent even during times of financial crisis; but it is his integrity, trustworthiness and professionalism which have particularly impressed us over the 15 years he has overseen our investments and supervised all our financial planning.

Worthy of special note is Walter’s individualized and customized attention to our unique financial circumstances . His consistently sound advice and proactive decisions on our behalf, have invariably paid off to our outstanding advance.

Winston Churchill was reported to define a leader as “available, approachable and trustworthy”. Walter therefore is a true leader in his field. His ability to communicate complex ideas in language my non-financial mind can grasp is an added feature of his trustworthiness.  However what particularly impresses my family and me is his dependability, his compassionate caring and accuracy in predicting financial trends.

It is the Georgijev Financial Group which allows us to face future retirement and maintain our satisfying  life style with complete peace of mind.

Dr. Denis S (July 19, 2011)



“Has impressed us with their efficient, professional manner…”

For the past 20 years Georgijev Financial has impressed us with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results we were looking for. They provided a needed and effective solution to our employee benefits package.

Georgijev Financial’s years of experience and broker/client relationship kept our employees happy and our costs to a minimum. We highly recommend Georgijev Financial and their team for any of your business requirements.

— Vince S (July 26, 2011)


* These testimonials are personal and subjective opinions of some of our clients and may not be representative of the experience of other clients.