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Tag Archives: Investing

Personal Advisors versus Robo-Advice


One recent study compared investors who work with advisors to investors who don’t. After four to six years, the advised investors had accumulated savings worth

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How Easy Is It To Save $1 Million?


The sooner you start saving on a regular basis

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New Client Statements Coming January 2017

Beginning in January 2017, clients will receive two new reports in addition to your Year-End Quarterly Statement from Worldsource Financial Management Inc..

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All Rates of Return are Not Created Equal

Did you know that Rate of Return can be calculated in different ways?

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What is Currency Hedging?


The objective of currency hedging is to remove the effects of foreign exchange movements, giving Canadian investors a return that approximates the return of the local market. Without hedging, a falling dollar adds to your returns but the opposite is also true. An appreciating Canadian dollar can hinder and detract from returns.

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