The sooner you start saving on a regular basis the more attainable this goal will seem. The chart below shows how affordable it can be if you start earlier, versus later in life. The numbers below illustrate what it takes – per year, month and week – for Canadians ages 18 to 50 to reach $1 million by age 65.

Age Yearly Monthly Weekly
18 $2,919 $248 $57
25 $4,672 $396 $92
30 $6,636 $563 $130
35 $9,597 $814 $188
40 $14,233 $1,207 $279
50 $35,915 $3,046 $704

The numbers in this chart assume a growth rate of 6% indexed to get to $1 million, and 2% inflation. This table is for illustrative purposes only utilizing various assumptions to demonstrate the importance of compound growth on a given investment. They are not intended to reflect, nor should they be interpreted, as an indication of future values or returns on investments.

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